This is one of those jams as we get ready for the summer to come to an end. I am one of the biggest fans of these guys, Eightball and Mjg and there music always satisfies my peak. Here is one of my favorites jams from the guys, kind of a remix of the classic Cameo show. Check out "Candy" from the kings of Memphis


This joint was from the Suave House compilation from back in the day and had the streets banging like crazy for that summer 98. There is word that the guys are working on a joint album with Big K.R.I.T which I feel would take them over the top and bring them back to the forefront of the hip hop game. Currently you can check out Eightball with his newest release via his own label called "Lifes Quest". He really goes deep and actually talks about his relationship with his kids.

8 Ball-Life's Quest


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