This past weekend while I was at the Louisiana Legends Tour with Mystikal and The Ghetto Twins, my guy, GO DJ Big Tyma, introduced me to something that, in his words, would change my life. I have to admit I didn't take him serious, but after tasting them I felt like Pookie in New Jack City.

He told me to try these new Gummi Bears that he had. Now while I don't need much candy in my life. I had seen Gummi Bears before and didn't really feel like these would be much different than others. They looked different than the normal green, yellow, and red that I was used to and they weren't shaped like the little worms I was used to, either. But I went ahead and gave them a try. Hey, it was Big Tyma, so I didn't feel like he would steer me wrong.

The Gummi Bears were a Strawberry Banana flavor, and from the first taste, I was automatically hooked. These were some like I had never had before, and I knew that I needed to back away but I went in for a second round and all I could do was smile.

I wasn't the only one who got to try these at the event. Big Boy Chill, my dude KB, and Chuck Slugg even found them on Amazon that night. They are called Albaness Candy Gummi Bears and after finding them, I saw that they had plenty of flavors to try out.

Now, I am not saying that they will see this, but if by chance they do, holler at your boy. I have never used drugs and don't have a desire to, but I can totally understand having an addiction after trying out these Gummi Bears. I think it's safe to say that I will be trying these out again very soon.

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