Eminem isn't here for President Donald Trump, and he let it be known in his BET Hip-Hop Cypher Tuesday night.

Em proudly stood up for the rights of all, especially the inequality faced by minorities, and he even honored unsigned NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick as he held up his fist and rapped "F*** that, this is for Colin!  Ball up a fist! And keep that s**t balled! Like Donald the b***h!" Whoa. I wonder how long it will be before the POTUS gets wind of what he said and takes to Twitter? This could get interesting.

Will the Detroit rapper's politically charged cypher come between him and his fans that support Trump, or will it speak to them and make them see what the real issues are? It's hard to say. One thing we know for sure is not to expect Em to apologize for what he said about the president.

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