When it comes to real hip hop. The kind where the lyrics and the beats had a message and a groove at the same time. You can't even talk about it if you don't include Eric B & Rakim. The very first time I heard the duo from New York, it was through a track called "I Got Soul".

The followed with "I Ain't No Joke" which is one of my all time favorites from the crew. Earlier this year there was word of a return of the guys after being separated for well over 20 years. When I saw that they were heading to Houston, there was no way that I could pass up on this show. The show was at the infamous House Of Blues and when I say there were people from all demographics and nationalities, that is not an understatement. But even more so they were true hip hop heads in the building reciting all of the words to the songs.

Also on the show was Yo Yo who came out and represented from the West Coast and ripped the stage and held her own. There was also an opening act called The Bodega Brovas who brought the real boom bap to the hip hop show. It's called The Technique tour and all I can say is that when this show comes to your town, don't walk, run to get your tickets. Check out some of the photos from the show last night and believe me when I tell you that the guys are back. Will we get new music from them anytime soon? I believe that they still have it and the chemistry was like they never left.




Eric B & Rakim- "Paid In Full":


Yo Yo- "You Can't Play With My Yo Yo":


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