Eric Bellinger is picking up were he left off on Valentine's Day with a revamp of Eventually EP featuring three new bangers.

The crooner is bringing his smooth vocals on “Spare Time”, “Volunteer” and “You Look Amazing" making the original EP a complete 12-track effort. He dropped his latest single "Spare Time," a sexy headbanger which finds Bellinger encouraging the lady he's set on kicking it with to spend some free time with him.

“Spare Time is actually the most recent song that I've recorded on the project," Bellinger said in a statement. "It’s fun for the summer, chill enough to vibe out with your girl, but still has a strong 808 if you hit the club."

In addition to the new track and revitalized EP, Bellinger said he's not done with the project. "I'll be releasing a remix [of "Spare Time"] with a surprise verse from someone you will be seeing me do a lot of work with in the very near future!”

Back in February he spoke on the influences behind Eventually. "I wanted to give the ladies some hope this Valentine’s Day,” Bellinger said. “I went hard and managed to put together some smooth and sexy music that encourages them not to give up on love, but to be patient in waiting for the right love. I hear a lot of women complaining about how there aren’t any good men out there anymore… Truth is, there are plenty of men waiting to give them the world!”

Eventually EP drops on May 27th via YFS Music. Pre order it now. Peep the updated tracklist below.

1. "Repeat"
2. "Designer"
3. "I Can Tell"
4. "Lay Up"
5. "Mood"
6. "Plush Duvet"
7. "Notice"
8. "Mean What You Say"
9. "Can't Hurry Love"
10. "Spare Time"
11. "You Look Amazing"
12. "Volunteer"

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