What's up family? It is that time of the week where I get the chance to spotlight one of my favorite videos from back in the day. I skipped last week, but prior to that it was Ice Cube's Jackin For Beats.

So today I am going to take it to the East Coast with a joint from one of my favorite duos from the hip hop side EPMD. The letters stood for Erick and Parish making dollars. These were two of the coldest guys who worked together from production to hot beats and one of my favorite songs from the fellas was Gold Digger.

Yep there's came out over a decade before Kanye West was sampling Ray Charles to create another classic hit down the line. Ironically EPMD and Kanye West were also on the same label at one time or another Def Jam which spawned the careers of Public Enemy, LL Cool J, The Beastie Boy and more. But since we are talking about EPMD, let me continue my story. EPMD created a nice mixture of hip hop and funk with samples from George Clinton and more from the seventies. They also collectively introduced the world to Redman, Keith Murray, Das Efx and K-Solo to the mix.

I remember riding in my white Chrysler Lebaron with my twelves in the trunk pumping the "Business as Usual" album that featured the single talking about a young lady who was on the come up by any means necessary regardless of who she took advantage of. Peep out the classic video for Gold Digger.

EPMD- Gold Digger:

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