Joyner Lucas has been on the cutting edge of being creative. He sparked controversy over two years ago when he released the video and song for I'm Not A Racist. He received both positive feedback and flack for creating the single and the video which featured a Caucasian guy with a Make America Great Again hat on spitting bars about black and white issues.

He is back, this time with a video where he pays respect to Will Smith. The song is called Will and while that's enough for a tribute, he literally reenacted some of Will Smith's most memorable movies (aside from Wild Wild West). Check out the clip below where Joyner really puts you in the moment with his latest song and video.

Will Smith gives his reaction to the Will video and compliments Joyner Lucas for being creative. This is possibly the best promotion that Joyner could be getting prior to the release of his first official full-length album, to be released tonight.

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