Hello everyone, we all know that Mothers Day is coming this Sunday. I am truly blessed to still have my mother in my life. She is someone who I truly admire and in those tough times. She is my rock and will do whatever she can to help me out and see me through it all. So even though this year I won't be able to go home for Mothers Day, mainly because she will be coming here in a few weeks for my sons high school graduation. I still have to send her something.


Now we all know that our mothers generally don't expect much from us when it comes to this day. Most of the time, they are happy to just have us around. But for you who want to do something with you moms and may be on a little budget at the moment. Here are some ideas that I have for you. These are my top 5 least expensive gifts for Mothers Day.


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5.) Handwritten Letter- There are alot of people who don't write anymore. We go to the local bookstore and pick up a card that generally says what we maybe thinking. But how about grabbing a pen and paper and pouring your heart out to your mother. This is the chance for you to tell her how happy you are of her and thankful you are for her being in your life and giving you life. All mothers will take a card, but a handwritten letter will go a long way when it comes to expressing yourself to mom.

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4.) Childhood Memory Photo Collages- Everyone basically has a cell phone. What about getting some of your pictures from back in the day with your mother or even just some pictures of when you were younger to now. Take a photo of those pictures and make a collage in your phone. Some will allow you to do four, six or maybe eight photos. Email this to yourself, head to your local Kinko's, print it out in color or course. Find you a frame and there you go. This will be something that she would love and place on the wall for all of her friends to see.

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3.) Personal Phone Call- There are alot of people who get so caught up in their work week that time sometimes passes them by. While Its not a legitimate excuse to not communicate with those important to you. Every now and then it happens and you can't get it back. There are also alot of us who live away from our parents in another state, country or city. So if you can't make it home, pick up the phone and call mom. Do not text her because that is not genuine. Let your mother hear your voice and even your grandmother. These are memories that they will cherish with them for the rest of their lives.

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2.)Dinner- Now if for some reason you're not able to take your mom out to dinner or she doesn't like going out on this day. What about hooking up a little meal in the kitchen for her. Now I am not Chef Jeff like my friend and the only thing I can really hook up are burgers, hamburger helper and maybe a pot of rice. But can you imagine how awesome that would make your mother feel to have a meal served to her on her special day. Now if your mom is like mine then she likes to do the cooking. If that is the case, then just help her out in the kitchen. You can pass some of the ingredients, reach things that may be a little high and place stuff in the oven for her. I promise you she will love you for it and it will go a long way as well.

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1.) Quality Time- I think this is one of the most important ones when it comes to Mothers Day. If it is at all possible spend that personal time with you mother. She may not want to go out, she may not want any gifts. But there is nothing like a mother sitting around the house and watching her kids and their families talking and enjoying each other. So if it is possible, give your mom that quality time and make her Mothers Day the biggest ever.

I am sure there are so more recommendations that you guys can give me. Give me your thoughts and share with me some ideas that you may have and how others can spend Mothers Day at a cost effective level.


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