Bodybuilder. Actor. Physical fitness activist. Governor. Actor again. Occasional killer robot from the future. Arnold Schwarzenegger has led many lives in his 72 years, and he’s appeared in a lot of movies — 41 by my count (a total that does not include some of his smaller cameos). His films aren’t all masterpieces, but for five decades and counting, Schwarzenegger has proven to be a far more capable and personal artist than he’s often given credit for.

With his latest movie opening in theaters, it felt like the appropriate time to rank his impressive body of work. (Yes, that was a pun. No, I’m not sorry.) From Hercules in New York almost 50 years ago to this week’s Terminator: Dark Fate, here are all of the Governator’s movies ranked from the absolute worst to the very best.

Every Arnold Schwarzenegger Movie, Ranked From Worst to Best

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