Calling all bird lovers in SWLA! You are in for a real treat. As part of their ongoing Partners in Parks Initiative, the City of Lake Charles and Sasol’s Nature in Focus Initiative are pairing up to host bird lovers extravaganza.

On Saturday, May 25, 2024, the public is invited to the Wings of Wonder and All Things Birds event, which will take place at Tuten Park at 3801 Nelson Rd., 10 am – noon. This special event is free and open to the public, who'll get a rare hands-on opportunity to experience birds like never before.

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This live, interactive bird exhibit offers an up-close experience that all attendees will be sure to enjoy. Plus, it is an educational opportunity to learn little-known facts about these fascinating winged creatures. allowing them to learn more about these fascinating creatures through a live, interactive bird exhibit!

If that's not enough, the Wings of Wonder and All Things Birds exhibit will also include a special edition of Art in the Park! That means attendees who want to try painting one of these beautiful birds will get a chance to do just that!

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Compliments of the Imperial Calcasieu Museum's Residency Program there will be an art instructor on hand to help participants create an original work of art. The City of Lake Charles will even provide the easels and art supplies.

Is that fantastic or what? All you have to do is show up! Don't miss this wonderful local event on Saturday, May 25. For more info, call (337) 491-1280, follow the City of Lake Charles Facebook page, or email

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