One of the biggest male groups of all time Jagged Edge has maintained a clean image throughout the high profile career.  That's actually hard to do when your superstars.  Unfortunately, now the group is the subject of a soon to be lawsuit.  On top of that their being accused of stiffing a client out of a performance and making off with the money.

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According to reports, a fan allegedly hired Jagged Edge to perform at his wedding.  The un-named man says he paid Jagged Edge a 10-thousand deposit for the R&B group to sing their famous song "Let's Get Married", but the day of wedding they were a no show and never returned his money.

There's one problem though, Jagged Edge is saying he never hired them.  The group is say they don't know what he's talking about and they never received a dime from him.  Jagged Edge is saying that the man unfortunately has been had and dupped into paying a fake promoter the money.

The man isn't buying their story and believes that the band decided to dodge the wedding because they got a better offer for a higher paying gig that same weekend.  Because of that, he's says he's preparing to sue the group, their label and management to re-coupe his money and  damages.  Adding and I quote " They humiliated me and cost my wife her dream."  Well, I guess it's safe to say he no longer a fan.

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Meanwhile in Jagged Edges' defense, a rep for the group says "they are very heartbroken and sad " that the wedding was destroyed due to someone using their name without permission.  If this does go to court however, Jagged Edge is prepared to fight.  The groups rep promises that the claimant will learn at that time that he singed bogus contract.

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