Many of us were in amazement when a gentlemen from Georgia was featured on Iyanla Vanzants "Fix My Life". Not by the fact that he was a man featured on the show, but why  he was featured. The guys name was Jay Williams and he was the father of 34 kids by 17 . While our mouths were wide open, we couldn't believe this and even more so the females who allowed something like this to happen. Well according to "Bossip", guess who gets there on reality show?


That's right the OWN Network will be giving Jay his own show as he apparently works on his relationship with his kids and tries to prove that he is a better man and father. It also shows him continuing to get counciling from Iyanla and working on his relationship with the mothers as well.


Iyanla Vanzant On "Fix My Life":


The show doesn't currently have a title, but it is shocking that Oprah Winfrey would actually green light something like this. Of course this is the same network that was going to do a show about Shawty Lo that was eventually cancelled before it got started. What do you think, will you be watching when it debuts later this year?

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