The federal government bans marijuana, but also supplies select residents of Florida with free marijuana for life. How’s that for a walking contradiction?

In 2014 a medical marijuana referendum in Florida was voted down, but low and behold the United States government has been providing marijuana to select people in Florida since 1978, when they created the Compassionate Investigational New Drug Program. The program has been providing medicinal marijuana to people like Elvy Musikka and Irvin Rosenfeld, who have serious health problems. The recipients among others, are receiving medical marijuana for life. Approximately 300 rolled joints per month are being shipped to them in large tins for medical use only.

How have these select individuals been getting hooked up with the good stuff for almost four decades? Bob Randall, an advocate for medical marijuana, argued for medical marijuana in court and received it as part of a legal settlement on November 24, 1976, making him the first legal medical marijuana smoker in the United States since 1937, according to Wikipedia.

I’m no smoker, but this is beyond biased against people in the U.S. who could benefit from the use of medical marijuana to treat minor health problems and disease.