Fetty Wap gets out of the trap house in the visual for his boo-loving ode, "My Way," featured on his self-titled album.

The New Jersey native gets an upgrade from the trap house in this Danny Erb-directed effort as he washes his hands with Luc Belaire Rosé and drives around in a sleek two-door sports car.

The "Trap Queen" rapper finds himself under an overpass in a rare Jordan 45 jersey as he encourages a girl to come his way. The 24-year-old also dons a chain with his favorite numbers -- 1738 -- and the faux dreads that have become his signature look.

The video also takes viewers to witness Fetty rocking out on a stage in front of hundreds of fans and on a couch where the rapper vibes with Remy Boyz artist, Monty.

Like in the song, Fetty courts a red lipstick-wearing woman whom he smiles at via a video chat session. It seems the 300 Entertainment artist knew what he was doing since she's having issues with her boyfriend and decides to go hang with the smooth-talking rapper instead. The two proceed to vape and drink the Nicki Minaj-sponsored Myx Moscato with the homies.

Monty also gets some shine with his own stand-alone scenes. He has his own sleek sports car, which he stands in front of to count a stack of cash. His trap queen is right by his side rocking a septum piercing and a little black dress. Before the clips comes to a close, Fetty, Monty and their respective baes on the couch looking tired after turning up all day.

Fetty Wap's debut LP arrives Sept. 25.

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