Now that we have been informed that Tropical Storm Harvey is now a Hurricane. We know that we could have a little bit more then water damage in the area. However we never know what to expect and have to be prepared for whatever may happen over the next few days.

There is talk that it may possibly be a category 3 before all is said and done and with that will be plenty of rain and waterfall over Southwest Louisiana.

Ward 1 Barn             461 Parish Road, Moss Bluff, LA

Ward 2 Barn             7085 Hwy 14 East, Hayes, LA

Ward 3 Old Barn      2320 Smith Road, Lake Charles, LA

Ward 3 PW Facility   5500 B Swift Plant Road, Lake Charles, LA

Ward 4 PW Facility   2915 Post Oak Road, Sulphur LA

Ward 5 Barn             129 3rd Street, Starks LA

Ward 6 Barn             1275 Plum Street, DeQuincy. LA

Fire 6 Fire Station    3533 Hwy 27, Sulphur LA

Ward 7 Barn             1129 Eddy Street, Vinton LA

Ward 7 Fire Station  2205 Hwy 388, Vinton (Edgerly), LA

 Ward 8 Barn             1726 Parish Barn Road, Iowa LA

The public must bring their own shovels.

Please be careful out there in the area and make sure you keep it right here as we will keep you up to date on the weather and how you can prepare for the Hurricane.

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