While I was at the Powerade 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament, I ran into Lake Charles native and current Dallas Cowboy Guard Nate Livings. We talked and I found out that he is really doing something positive for kids in the area. Especially those looking to have a little recreational sports activities. He told me about his team of talented young man call the Lake Charles Chiefs.Just seeing what he is doing with the young men is very positive, but he is looking for more young men to be apart of the team. They have practices every Friday and Saturday right behind the Goosport Recreational Center. He actually makes the trip to Lake Charles on various weekends throughout the month to be on call and assist on the coaching of the players. We will continue to keep everyone in the know on upcoming practices and games so that we all can get out and support our young men in the community. Although I know Nate is not about the glitz and glamour, I want to personally give props to him for being a very important pillar of the community.

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