TMZ reports that Flavor Flav’s fiancée was hospitalized yesterday after overdosing on pain killers.  Liz Trujillo can be seen with the rapper on the new season of “Couples Therapy,” and hopefully will make a full recovery.   However, a spokesperson for Flav is dening the allegations and gave TMZ a different account.

Get all the details below with Tha Wire.  In the meantime, Hip-Hop is dropping the science.



Hip-hop music is being used in New York City’s public schools to teach 9th graders about science by writing rhymes and rapping.

A pilot program using Hip-Hop music to teach science in ten of New York City’s public schools is underway.  Dr. Chris Emdin of Columbia University’s Teachers College said, “The people who most embrace hip-hop culture are the same populations who are most disinterested in school and disinterested in science.”

In seeking ways to engage students, Dr. Emdin has teamed up with Wu-Tang member The GZA.  Get more details below with Tha Wire.


A masked woman cuts T-Pain's dreads-instagram
T-Pain bags his dreads-instagram

T-Pain is sporting a new look these days, changing up his look by shedding the dreads.  Pain has gone through a metamorphosis if you will in his career and personal life. The rapper-singer even  shared his new hairdo with his fans on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube featuring a masked diva cutting off his dreads.

Pain wrote in the caption, “We must all learn to adjust with our surroundings. Those who get stuck doing the same things for too long are bound to get left behind the strong who press on and reinvent themselves. Also. Good news. Hair grows back.”

Shortly after that T-Peezy announced the title of his fifth album,  ‘Stoicville: The Phoenix, tweeting “To me, a Phoenix represents new beginnings. A new era. A new life. I’m rising from the ashes.”  By the way, he’s got a mini documentary out and if your interested watch the clip now:

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