On October 17th at Flavor Flava's home in Vegas, the legendary rapper allegedly assaulted his then fiancee Elizabeth Trujillo and when her 17-year old son Gibran intervened, Flav went after him with a butcher knife.

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The rapper was arrested shortly afterwards.  USA Today reports, Wednesday of last week his fiancee's son testified at an evidence hearing about what happened.  As a result the 54-year old rapper was formally charged with two felony counts for assault with a weapon and child endangerment.  If convicted, he could face up to 12 years in prison.

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The Las Vegas Police Department reports that Flav got into a physical confrontation with his then-fiancee after she accused him of cheating.  Flav "grabbed her by the shoulders, stomach and arms, and threw her to the ground two separate times and the fight resulted in Elizabeth  having her earring ripped out of her ear.  At that point that her son intervened and started wrestling with Flav.   Police believe because the kid was bigger and stronger than Flave, the rapper got two butcher knives and then chased the teen "around the living room, threatening to kill Gibran."   Police reports state the kid ended up locking himself in a room, but Flavor found him and kicked the door in.  The good news is, Gibran wasn't but, Flav was accidentally slicing his own with the knife he was holding.

While Flavor Flav owned up to much of the incident at the time, he denied chasing or threatening to kill Gibran. Non the less Wednesdays testimony uncovered enough evidence to charge him.   Ironically, Flav's arraignment is going to be April 18th, the same day Public Enemy will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  Flav's lawyer said he is going plead not guilty.