A lot has changed over the last two decades. Unfortunately, folks are becoming more and more divided. In a world of division, kindness is becoming harder to find. Then we hear stories like Delta Flight Attendant Floyd Dean-Shannon, which offers hope that our ability to be good to each other hasn't completely disappeared.

Mind you, Dean-Shannon didn't do anything super-human. But, he caught people's attention because we are not used to seeing his type of compassion on a daily. I hope after this, that will change. Mr. Floyd Dean-Shannon is commended for showing incredible empathy for a terrified passenger onboard a Delta flight leaving Charlotte-Douglas International Airport headed to JFK in New York.

The female passenger was fighting back tears when he recognized her. He saw she was experiencing anxiety, and he immediately started to console her. However, how he went about it amazed other passengers, including Molly Simonson Lee, who was sitting behind the woman and witnessed the entire encounter. Lee took this photo of Dean-Shannon sitting on the floor, holding the woman's hand, gently and calmly explaining that everything would be alright. She posted the heartwarming image on Facebook and wrote about her experience.

The unidentified woman is not alone in her fear of flying. According to the Clevland Clinic, millions of people suffer from Aerophobia. I'm sure all of them wish a flight attendant like Dean-Shannon could comfort them when they fly. Lee explained that they were halfway through the flight when "He took notice and began explaining what each [sound] was, with the warmest, calmest tone."

Even more amazing is helping the distressed passenger was Dean-Shannon's second act of kindness on that flight. Lee witnessed the first deed, too! She wrote, "the woman next to me was celebrating a birthday, and he sang to her and made her a 'cake' with all of the goodies he could round up."

Other passengers also took to social media to share Dean-Shannon's wonderful display of humanity. Miranda Anderson even tagged Delta Airlines to ensure he was recognized for what he did. She wrote,

"I hope you see this! These are the types of people that deserve raises and make your company worth flying with. This is what pits [sic] you above the others so show these employees this is what you want and what you need."

Soon other passengers who had been on different flights with the flight attendant chimed in. They replied that Dean-Shannon was engaging and compassionate with them and should be acknowledged for going over and beyond the call of duty. Another person wrote he is a "breath of fresh air.”

Here is something you might want to know, Charlotte-Douglas International Airport has a 3-star rating out of a possible 5. It is among the top 10 Best Performing and ranks 5th among the top 10 Busiest Airports In The World. According to a study by Cirium Aviation Analytics, in 2021, Delta was named World's Best Airline. Among Cerium's Top U.S. Airlines, Delta was ranked the #1 Most On-Time Airlines/Best Performing in 2022 and in a recent report released on January 3, 2023. In order the Top 5 U.S. Airlines are as follows:

1.) Delta Airlines

2.) United Airlines

3.) Alaska Airlines

4.) American Airlines

5.) Southwest Airlines

For more about this study and to see the full Cirium 2023 report, click HERE.

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