According to the Daily Mail, after blowing $20,000 at Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club in Las Vegas, on May 25, 2014, boxer Floyd Mayweather sent them a 1099 tax form so he could write it off from his taxes. The boxer has since been banned from the strip club, by it’s owner.

Floyd reportedly threw $15,000 in single dollar bills at the ladies on stage, and he spent an additional $5,000 in the club the same night.

 Jason Mahoney told the UK publication that he felt “insulted” by Mayweather’s tax bill considering that he’s provided Mayweather’s “The Money Team” free admission, VIP seating and up to 20 bottles of alcohol for free, he's since banned Mayweather from his strip club. -- Daily Mail

Money Mayweather’s tax attorney told the news site that the tax form “may have been issued in error.”

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