Over the weekend rapper R. Prophet, former member of Nappy Roots, was involved in a violent altercation with Kentucky State Police.

R. Prophet of Nappy Roots-youtube

On Saturday April 20th a vehicle Prophet was traveling in was pulled over at a DUI checkpoint. He was told to exit the car and wait for someone pick him up and that’s were things get a little sketchy.

According to Police, they say that Prophet showed signs of being intoxicated himself and began walking into moving traffic. Officers decided to arrest him for public intoxication.  Prophet allegedly started kicking the officers, and they claim they had to use force to restrain him by pepper spraying and tassing him several times.


Prophet spoke with TMZ about the incident and says the entire incident was unnecessary and that he feared for his life saying, it’s all BS … he was fully cooperative and cops repeatedly tased him for no reason as he laid helpless on the ground in handcuffs.  Adding, it got so bad he thought they were going to drive him somewhere and kill him. In a panic, he says he gashed his head on the window.

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In other news, as previously reported concert promoter Patrick Alloco, CEO of Allgood Entertainment hired Hip Hop legend Nas to do a show in Angola, the country, for a 2012 New Year’s Eve celebration.  Nas got a $300,000 advance for the show, but decided not to perform do to safety issues among other things.  As a result of his "no show ," Alloco and his son were basically kidnapped and was held in Angola for 49 days for fraud charges.

In spite of Nas returning the money ,Alloco filed a $10 million dollar lawsuit that same year. Jonathan Davis, Nas’ lawyer, plans to request that the lawsuit be dismissed.  In February of 2012, Nas spoke to MTV.com about the incident saying he had no choice to pull out as Alloco didn’t handle his business properly on top of the fact that he didn’t have a Visa to travel to Africa at the time among other things.

“Basically, he was a promoter that I never worked with, and he wanted me to come to Africa for New Year’s, which, for me, I thought, would be the best way to spend New Year’s,” Nas said. “The business wasn’t handled. There was nothing sent to me, and there were no flights. By the time he did send money — he did eventually send money to me — but it was too late to go. I didn’t even have a visa to get in the country. So that’s canceled, the show’s canceled.”

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Cordell Boogie Mosson-youtube

Finally, our condolences go out to the family, friends and entire P-Funk nation for the loss of Parliament-Funkadelic bass guitarist Cordell “Boogie” Mosson.  He died last Thursday at the age of 60 and no official cause of death has been given.  Mosson not only played the drums, but provided the rubbery bass guitar groove that helped perfect Parliaments sound.  Masson met George Clinton back in 1970 when he and the late P-Funk guitarist Garry Shider moved to Toronto to perform in the group United Soul, for which Clinton was producing tracks.

A year later, both Mosson and Shider would join Parliament-Funkadelic with Clinton as their leader.  When Parliament bassist Bootsy Collins left the group to pursue a solo career, Mosson took over on lead bass until the group disbanded in the early 1980s.

P-Funk keyboardist Daniel Bedrosian wrote a touching eulogy on the band’s official website, calling Mosson “the ultimate Funk theologian” and “one of P-Funk’s most pivotal and vital musicians.”

The memoriam partly reads:

Boog’s knowledge and understanding of Rhythm, the ONE, the Pocket, and the FEEL of P-FUNK, was UNMATCHED. We in Parliament-Funkadelic, wish to send our prayers to Boog’s family, and with extreme sadness, we say our worldly goodbye to our brother, our uncle, our friend, our teacher, our valued, trusted, master of musical expression…”

We want to send our heartfelt condolences to George Clinton, the musicians and family members of Cordell “Boogie” Mosson. May he rest in eternal peace.


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