I have been having conversations and dialogues with various individuals in the city. With the uprising of outrage over the murder of George Floyd. There is obviously a disconnect between law enforcement and civilians all over the world. However, the only way to truly get change is by communicating. We have the right to demand things that we want and how we want to be treated..

There have been reports of issues between law enforcement and us for years. We've been hearing it from some of our favorite celebrities, even down to our home town neighbors. I wanted to get a take from the local law enforcement. I wanted to see where the communication stood between us and what can be done to make it better. Let's see if things are too broken to be repaired. I wanted to know what can we do locally in order to have trust within one another.

Erik Tee
Erik Tee

Capt Kirkum granted me the opportunity to have a discussion with him and to actually hear that he has his moments of fear as well. Take a listen to the interview and hear things that were recommended by Captain Kirkum on how to react during traffic stops and how we can fix a bridge that many would say has been broken between law enforcement and the local civilians.

Thanks to Katie Harrington and Captain Kevin Kirkum for the time and discussion. I am hopeful that our cries are being heard. I am hopeful that the respect that we demand will be given and I am hopeful that justice for all who have been harmed will come to light.

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