You know that feeling you get when things are too quiet? That's the way hurricane season has felt around South Louisiana over the past couple of years. It's just been too quiet. Now, it appears as if Mother Nature is about to remind us just who is in charge. Here's a hint, it's not us.

Forecasters with the National Hurricane Center are now keeping tabs on three potential tropical trouble spots and one hurricane. The hurricane, Gert, does appear to be moving away from land and will hopefully weaken at sea.

The other three hot spots are in the middle and eastern Atlantic Ocean. All three systems are located south of 15 degrees north latitude. For perspective, I-10 runs approximately along 30 degrees north latitude.

Where these systems are located is a typical hot spot for tropical development this time of year. It has also been the birthplace of some of the worst storms to ever affect the Gulf of Mexico. That's why we're particularly interested in these tropical waves, even this far away.

Tropical forecast models for the area known as Invest 91L suggest a track model into the Caribbean and an eventual landfall in Mexico or Central America.

The forecast models for the area known as Invest 92L suggest a track that would take the system north of the Caribbean where it could possibly impact Florida, move into the Gulf of Mexico, or turn north toward the Eastern Seaboard or open water.

The third tropical wave is just rolling off the African coast. Forecasters believe it will be several days before they have enough valid information to make a prediction on its possible course.

The bottom line is that the peak of the season is still one month away and based on what we have seen so far this 2017 Hurricane Season we'd better keep a watchful eye on the tropics and make sure we've gotten our hurricane plans in place, just in case.

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