George Zimmerman definitely know's how to get himself in trouble. That's for sure… 

Zimmerman has been arrested once again, this time for alleged domestic violence against his pregnant girlfriend.

According TMZ, George Zimmerman's girlfriend called 911 after he allegedly pointed a shotgun at her face and broke a bunch of her stuff, and get this, she's pregnant, for Zimmerman... Yikes…

According to the Seminole County Sheriff, Zimmerman was arrested in Orlando, FL, today (Nov. 18) after allegedly pointing a double barrel shotgun at his girlfriend, and shoving her out of the house.

TMZ reports, the woman called 911 during the argument, shouting at dispatch while yelling at Zimmerman. When police arrived, Zimmerman placed his own call to 911.

During his call, Zimmerman says the girlfriend is "going crazy" and is PREGNANT WITH HIS CHILD. He says he called 911 so everyone would know the truth about what happened.

According to the police report, obtained by TMZ, the GF told police she and Zimmerman had become involved in a verbal dispute, and when she asked him to leave, he began to break things in the house.

If by now the courts, police, and sheriff's do not understand that George Zimmerman is a true threat to society, then we must face the fact that there is no hope for our justice system, at all.

I say that not just for the sake of the loss of Trayvon Martin, but for the sake of those, including his girlfriend, and anyone else's lives affected by Mr. Zimmerman's erratic  behavior. George Zimmerman is cancer and he needs to be stopped before someone else is seriously hurt beyond repair, again…

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