Remember that time when you were digging through your wallet and you stumbled upon an old gift card and immediately flipped it over to see what the expiration date was?

Chances are you couldn't find it or thought to yourself "I got this forever ago, there's no way it's still valid" and then you threw it in the trash. Do me a favor and don't do that again, because chances are that gift card wasn't really expired.

According to Louisiana law, "gift certificates, gift cards and merchandise credits may not have an expiration date of less than five years". Yes, there are actually gift card laws. And, also, according to these fancy gift card laws, if there is no expiration date then the gift card is pretty much good forever or, at least, until it is used.

I'm never throwing away another gift card ever again. Unless it's over five years old, in which case I'm foolish and didn't deserve that gift card in the first place.

It is nice to know that Louisiana has our backs, I mean, who knew that the state even took the time to make a gift card law? And if you would like to read up some more about the finer details on the Louisiana gift card law, check out the Louisiana Department of the Treasury website.

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