All eyes are on the rapidly developing storm headed to the Gulf. Hurricane Delta is a major Category 4 storm in the Caribbean with maximum sustained winds of 140mph. God knows, the last thing we need is another major hurricane to strike SWLA, but none of us can afford to let our guard down as Delta enters the Gulf. The cone of uncertainty is rather large, so either way, SWLA will be affected, we just don't know how much at this time.

Governor Edwards is taking no chances and declared a state of emergency given the storms current track. With that, KPLC reports Edwards wants everyone in the state to stay on alert, especially in South Louisiana where most advisories predict the hurricane will make landfall. To read the Governor's full declaration, click here. Of course, now is the time to get a game plan, stock your hurricane kit, secure your property, prepare your roof, and pick up additional supplies.

Right now, meteorologists track the massive storm's probability of making landfall on the Louisiana coast between East Texas and South Louisiana. Weather is expected to deteriorate starting Thursday as the hurricane starts to impact Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi. Below is a look at live weather radar and current predictions for landfall being late Friday or early Saturday morning.

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