Once again, the state is preparing to take on another hurricane in the coming days. So, far weather officials say SWLA doesn't appear to be in the cone of uncertainty. Regardless of some relief that may bring for victims of Laura and Delta, our neighbors to the east bracing for the impending storm.

Governor Edwards is leaving nothing to chance and is going to hold a briefing on Hurricane Zeta at 3 pm today. As we know all to well, hurricanes are unpredictable. None of us can afford to relax when there's a storm in the Gulf. Tune in today and hear instructions from state officials including the Governor, DOTD, Dept. of Homeland Security and more. Governor Edwards is warning everyone in the state to keep an eye on this storm.

Right now the NHC is tracking Tropical Zetta is going to make landfall near Baton Rouge and New Orleans, Wednesday as a Category 1 around 7 pm.

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