On Friday morning my family already had it in our minds to get our early voting on. We have always been very proactive when it came to voting and this year was no different. Unfortunately we got a late start, but nonetheless we got up and decided to go.

When we got there, it took us a little while to actually find a parking space, but we found one. Once we got inside I want to commend the civic center for really having it together and keeping everyone organized while waiting to vote.

I think I can say that the wait was about thirty minutes but they made sure we all made it through the line and my wife, son and myself were able to cast our vote. The only downside to the day was they were not passing out stickers due to the COVID-19 pandemic and wanting to take precautions with the patrons. You have one more day, which is tomorrow to go and early vote. If you don't make it out tomorrow, you'll have to wait until November 3rd. We all know that that day is probably going to be a little wait. However, I believe you need to make the step to vote. This is an important election locally and national. So do you part and make it count.

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