Gucci Mane has been making alot of noise lately. He literally took over Atlanta when he held a major concert with guest like Future and more on stage. He is also making noise on the charts with plenty of singles to come from the latest album "Everybody Lookin".

Well everyone is at his beckoning call and doing what he wants them to do except for his girl. Gucci Mane dropped plenty of weight when he went away for a few years and came out looking like a fitness model. Obviously his girl is still trying to keep him in that routine as she is trying to keep him from eating things that may not be good for him. Check out the video below.


Fellas you know we all tend to get a little upset when it comes down to things like this, but we have to take care of ourselves and let the ladies look out for us. I have to admit it was pretty funny when he was looking up like a scorned puppy when she told him to eat that fruit.

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