When it comes to trust. Everyone has their take on what classifies as real trust over not being trustworthy at all. Most of the time the fellas get the bad rap and sometimes they are more reliable then ever. Well this guy obviously has more issues then you can shake a stick at.

His lady must be all over him when it comes to being that man who can be trusted. I have a hard enough time trying to remember passwords for all of the emails that I have. So when it comes to social media sites and passcodes on my phones or ipods, that just another headache. This guy here has a bigger problem then I do. Check out probably one of the longest passcodes ever when it comes down to it.

Man has possibly the longest passcode ever to unlock his cellphone:

If someone did want to check through his phone, they would probably get tired before they can actually figure it out. I had to laugh when I think about the trouble that someone would go through just to cover up things.

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