When I was younger I could take a few forty ounces to the head and kept it moving. There was not a thing back in the day that I couldn't drink from Cisco to Everclear and all things in between including the old faithful Boone's Farm. But these days I kind of take things a little more cautious. First of all I would consider myself to be a little immature back in the day, and now I am alot wiser.

While I don't proclaim to a non drinker now. I choose a little more wisely about what I put in my body. I love a great frozen Margarita and Ciroc is one of my favorites, but as you get older. You can rooster like you used to. This guy in Mexico, the place with the great Tequila says that he can get a person drunk in less then a minute. After I watched the video, I can see how that is possible. He is lucky he didn't make the guy sick. Check out the video below.

I didn't know whether I wanted to laugh at this or simply ask WTH? As I mentioned earlier if It would have been about 20 years ago. I could have gotten down with the best of them and actually possibly have made the guy drunk who was doing the pouring. Either way I hope he had some reliable friends who looked out for him while this was going on.

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