Halloween. The word makes me think of the guy in the mask and bloody, gory, badly-done 80s thrillers. And instantly, I'm shivering! Give me a spider or a creepy-crawly (one at a time, please), and I am just fine. Keep your horror movies and haunted houses.

When I was just a little girl, I had to have a room full of people sit with me just to watch "The Wizard of Oz." That cackling, green witch with the ugly mole on her pointy chin scared the mess out of me and had me sleeping with my mother for nights. She still creeps me out, her and her flying monkeys.

I'm a BIG fan of trick or treating during daylight hours. I very much enjoy seeing princesses and superheroes and ninjas and even good witches come to my door asking for something to fill their little pumpkins. So if you go out to the attractions where things go bump or boo, or (worst ever!) anything jumps out and startles you, bet good money you won't find me there. I'll probably be in my bed, lights on, sifting through to find my favorites among the candy I've stashed away for myself as comfort.

And a big bucket of water by my bed and a few coat hangers... just in case.

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