Happy Thanksgiving to all of my family in the radio listening world from my family. Today is the day where we give thanks and spread love to all of our loved ones. This Thanksgiving we are spending our time here in Lake Charles, as we generally switch between Christmas and Thanksgiving on when we go home to Mississippi.


This is one of my favorite times of the year, although it's a little saddening as well. I lost my oldest brother during this holiday in 1990 and he was my everything. He was very instrumental in me choosing the career in radio, by always purchasing records and things like this for me back in the day.


His name was Frank Thomas Jr, and he was truly a special guy to all who knew him and was around him. Although he is no longer here, we all get together and remember him as the guy who loved to eat and didn't meet any strangers out there. So today my small family which includes my wife and son will be celebrating our Thanksgiving and I will be reflecting on the good times that we had together. So spread a little love and check on some of your elderly neighbors to make sure they have a little family time with you and yours.


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