When people think of Western movies they don't usually think about Black Cowboys. Mind you, it shouldn't be that big of a deal to see a brotha on a horse from the 1800s. This was actually a very natural thing back in the day. In fact, in 1825 nearly 25% of the settler population in Texas were slaves. By the time the state became a part of the Union, that number rose to more than 30%. The 1860 census showed a record of 182,566 slaves living in Texas. Before and during the Civil War white Texas ranchers depended on their slaves to maintain their land and herd their cattle. Slaves naturally developed the skills from daily duties that included bull riding and breaking horses. Thus, the very word 'cowboy' was a reference to Black men.

It's only over the course of the 200 years that most people find it strange to envision African-Americans being a part of the Great Frontier or robbing and defending a stagecoach full of money. The only reason? This rich and very real part of American history wasn't shared in books, on TV, or on the big screen. Some people still have no idea that the real Lone Ranger was a Black cowboy named Bass Reeves. A century before the TV series aired, Reeves was the first Black Deputy U.S. Marshal west of the Mississippi. He really did wear disguises and travel with an Indian partner! The Bass Reeves statue and monument stand in Fort Smith, Arkansas, and pay tribute to the legendary cowboy in Ross Pendergraft Park.

This is why Rap legend Jay Z is beyond proud to present the new western movie 'The Harder They Fall' to the masses this month. The film tells the amazing stories of Rufus Buck, Stagecoach Mary, Nat Love, Bill Pickett, and many others. The real-life Black heroes and outlaws that lived during the wild, wild west era.

Pictured below, he and Beyonce are headed to surprise fans in London at the movie premiere Wednesday, October 6. Hov produced the flick and said the movie is about the need to “see us represented.” He continued, “It is almost odd, people think that it’s like a caricature. These names like Stagecoach Mary, all the actors in this, they really existed in this time, so just see us represented and see that we have voices.”

The cast is incredible starring Idris Elba, Regina King, Delroy Lindo, and many other phenomenal actors. The Harder They Fall”   will open in theaters this month and premiere on Netflix on November 3. Don't miss it!

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