In 2014 I did a post on the connection between hip hop and heart disease. This was something that was close to me because I had seen so many artist die to heart attacks and various other ailments.


This year we have lost Phife Dawg, Kimbo Slice, Vanity, Prince, Maurice White of Earth, Wind and Fire, Muhammad Ali and countless other celebrities. But I posed the question as to whether Hip Hop has gotten healthier. I think we are on the road to doing so much better. Rick Ross is still working on his Ross Fit and getting in the best shape ever and DJ Khaled has adopted the Vegan lifestyle which should add a few years to his life. Being in the entertainment world, there's access to just about everything that they want including alcohol and food that some of us can't afford. Big Boy Chill and myself have been on a journey of working out and trying to move on the right track as well. I have to admit it gets a little hard and when you think about the fact that unhealthy food is so much more accessible and cheaper then the healthier food. We have to make a conscious effort to get our mind and bodies right.


While we have lost plenty of our favorite artist to either Cancer or Heart Disease, it makes you want to be a little more cautious in our decision making when it comes to things. Now obviously becoming a Vegan is not for everyone, but limiting the amount of processed food that we take in and alcohol that we consume can help us to start working on a healthy path. Check out this clip on heart disease in the hip hop community and fellas make sure you start making those visits to the doctors. Also ladies make sure to get your men there. I know that we can be stubborn sometimes, but it will be all worth it in the long run.


 Heart Disease in the African American Community:


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