I know I am not the only person who deals with insomnia. While I am not an expert in the side effects of it, I am pretty sure this is not something that is beneficial to any of us in the long run. As a matter of fact, my wife and I both deal with it. While I will say that it has primarily due to our work schedules and busy lifestyles, we had to work on some things to help us out with it.

In my job, I am always thinking about the very next thing. If I am programming my music, I am usually thinking about what I will play. How many commercials do I have to produce today? Are there any remotes scheduled? The day is never ending, even at the end of what is considered a traditional day.

Here are a few things I do to help me out with my insomnia. This may or may not work for you, but if you would like to give it a try, go ahead. You may want to check with your personal physician, as well.

I take Unisom. Honestly, I only take one per night. However, it tends to ease my mind a little and allows me to get in a comfortable zone and get some Zzzzs. It's not habit forming, but it does help me out and again, I would recommend talking with your physician beforehand.

I also utilize two products from Olly, one is Stress and the other is Sleep. These two are products I trust in. I generally take two of each. With my job, there are a lot of demands, and stress definitely ensues. Obviously, sleep is essential when dealing with stress, and not getting enough can ruin your night. This combination helps me and allows me to feel rested the following day.

Next, I adjusted my diet and now try to avoid eating too late. Finally, working out helps a lot. You'd be surprised at how tired you are after a great day in the gym. We are not getting any younger, so we have to work with what we have and build around that. Continue to take care of yourself and make sure to get some rest for yourself, both physically and mentally.

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