On yesterday The Calcasieu Parish Police Jury gave the latest update on Hurricane Laura Recovery. Here is a breakdown on some things that you should be in the know about.

Hurricane Laura Makes Landfall On US Gulf Coast
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The Parish drop-off point of operations at Chennault International Airport, 364 Mallard Cove Street in Lake Charles is continuing. For residents wishing to return, they are being transported to this drop-off point. However, if you return home and find out the damage has caused your home to be unlivable, call 911 and explain the situation, and they will assist if possible.

The parish curfew is still 10:00pm-6:00am daily. The curfew is in place due to dangers associated with street debris, streetlights still being out, and traffic signs not in their usual locations.

The parish debris contractor is still making its first pass around the parish, collecting storm debris. This process is expected to last another month. There will be additional passes made as needed, which will continue into 2021. Keep in mind that it is important to sort debris when placing it curbside. If you need additional information explaining the separation process, there is a video explaining what is required at calcasieuparish.gov.

There is a Keep Calm Line that has been established to connect residents to resources when dealing with their stress and mental health: 1-866-310-7977. Also, residents can call 211 for 24-hour crisis counseling.

The next briefing will be on Wednesday, Oct. 7.

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