Let me start off by saying this does not apply to everyone. I can name ten artists off tip who take care of themselves and are model citizens for fitness. Obviously, 50 Cent, Method Man, Nelly, and even Rick Ross have made the turnaround.

This post is to ponder why there have been so many deaths of artists in the Hip Hop world when it comes to poor health. In my lifetime, I have seen the passing of the Human Beat Box of The Fat Boys, Big Punisher, Ol' Dirty Bastard, Heavy D, and many others. Obviously, weight played a factor in some of these deaths. However, drugs were factors in some as well as cancer.

There seems to be a question many don't take seriously. It took multiple seizures for Rick Ross to realize he needed to get his health in check. I am curious as to whether the labels actually care about their artists or if they're simply just looking at a check. Even the artist Lizzo is taking her health into consideration and is really taking the lead in getting her life on the right track.

As a man, I know it can be difficult to convince men to go to the doctor, regardless of what is ailing us. But ladies, let me inform you to stay on our cases. There have been too many artists who have died due to health concerns that could have possibly been prevented with just a visit to a physicians office.

Fellas, let me remind you that no one can take care of our families like we do. Our jobs will be replaced without a hesitation and life goes on. However, I am sure your family would prefer if it continued with you in it. We have got to do better and need to take care of ourselves. We are overwhelmed daily from stress and much more, and sometimes we have to reset. Don't feel bad when you have to.

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