I have been a fan and have seen plenty of scary movies. Some have been pretty memorable and others not so much. I have seen movies that have featured hip hop artist like "Bones" with Snoop Dogg as well as "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" starring Trey Songz. There is a new movie that will be dropping soon called "Night Of The Unspeakable".

The movie centers around an hip hop artist, singing group and a rock and roll band who are trapped in the confinements of a recording studio and deal with supernatural spirits that have been released from one of the stars in the movie. Check out the exclusive trailer below.

"Night of The Unspeakable: trailer:

While it is a low budget film, it is the first from director Jamie Rhodes. The movie is currently available on Amazon Prime as well as purchase for those who would like to have a personal copy for themselves.

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