All Floyd "Money" Mayweather does is win, win, win, no matter what. And last night (Aug. 26), he was once again victorious, earning a W in the final boxing match of his career against UFC transplant, Conor McGregor.

After all the hype and predictions, it was time to put up or shut up last night. And instead of being the straight pummeling some thought it would be, McGregor actually made a good showing of it in the beginning, landing a few decent shots. But as the fight wore on, McGregor wore down and was out-boxed and out-classed by the still undefeated Mayweather. The elder fighter showed his veteran savvy, eventually dictating the match and serving the Irish neophyte with the proper fade. The match was stopped in the 10th round after it was clear McGregor wanted no parts of the lumping.

Of course, the hip-hop community was taking notice and promptly took to social media to talk about The Money Team going out in style. "Safe to say we can all say Floyd is the greatest," Tory Lanez tweeted. "I don't wanna hear nun of That "he fight 4 points" bullshit .. nigga TKO."

Snoop Dogg went crazy on Instagram after the fight was over. "50-0 nigga. The motherfucking champ, nigga," the Doggfather shouted. "Fuck that motherfuckin' punk ass McGregor. Bitch. Fuck him. The champ, nigga. That's what you get for coming to a gang fight with a butter knife."

Check out some reactions from other people in the hip-hop community, such as Rob $tone, Sauce Walka, Royce Da 5'9" and more, below.

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