No longer will we have to drive out of town to get some Hobby Lobby deals. The new store now has an opening date! Well, sort of.

We lost the Hobby Store during Hurricane Laura, while Delta made sure of taking care of the rest of it. The Lake Area was concerned if the popular hobby store would ever come back. Concerns grew more when they began tearing into the strip mall that also housed the ever-popular Harbor Freight. Let's be honest, we all freaked out a little bit. Still, we persevered as we would drive out of town to the nearest one to get our Hobby Lobby fix.

Rumors began flying as we learned that it was returning, but moving locations. It ended up being a brand new building located right next to Target. Could that situation be more perfect? You get to go to Target AND Hobby Lobby, husbands all over Lake Charles groaned I imagine. The next question would be as to when it would actually open.

Thanksgiving of 2021 began the hopeful opening date, but weather issues with a flood and hard freeze would push that date back considerably. Despite the setbacks, the crews building the new place continued on through the projected opening date of Thanksgiving 2021.

Now, it seems we have a mostly official opening date of the store being May 23. That's less than a month away! I searched and searched for consistency in this date, and it seems to be the most legit, with some employees chiming in confirming the same thing. So will that be the date? Let's hope so! Only time will tell, but you better believe we all have our fingers crossed to go and get stuff we didn't know we needed until we saw it. I can't wait to pull out my random 40% off coupon last minute while in line to check out!

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