Everyone should be with their family for Christmas.  ... but sadly, sometimes getting the whole family together isn't as easy as it sounds.  That's why we want to do our part once again to help reunite your family for Christmas this year.

We want to give one lucky winner a travel voucher good from Globetrek Travel of Lake Charles for up to $1,600 to either:

  • Fly them home to see their family for Christmas.
  • OR fly someone home to them for Christmas.

OR maybe you're just one of those people who sees a friend struggling and you want to make a Christmas reunion happen for them!  Either way, we want to hear from you.

Step 1:  Enter.

Entering is simple.  Just join the 107 JAMZ MVPs tell us why you should be the winner.  (Not a member?  It's totally FREE to register!)  What is your family's story?  What's kept you apart?  Maybe it's been a long time since you've seen that loved one. Maybe money's been too tight.  Maybe circumstances just haven't gone your way.  Let us know.  Just make sure you get your letter in before Thursday, Nov. 13 at 5 p.m.!

Step 2:  Become a finalist.

Once you've told your story, we'll select up to five finalists on Thursday, Nov. 20 and share their story with our listeners.  We'll also publish your letters here so everyone can read them.

Step 3: Vote like CRAZY!

Once our finalists are announced, you'll have two weeks (11/20/14 to 12/4/14) to vote on them.  Anyone anywhere can vote as many times as they like.  The letter with the most votes at the end of two weeks will win the prize.  We'll announce the winner on Friday, Dec. 5.

And if you're a 107 JAMZ MVP member, you'll even have a way to make your votes count triple!  But more on that later...

More details coming later on how to vote -- for now, just get your entries in!  Let us know why we should pick you to go Home for the Holidays!