Ok, let's start with the sista's of The Real Housewives Atlanta.  Obviously, Kandi's mom is still pissed (I love her) and rightfully so.  But, I think she'll come around just like all mama's.  I think Phaedra realized that wasn't the proper setting to introduce her stripper friend and did her best to show that she was sorry.  What about you? 

Poor Cynthia, she should probably leave the MC-in to a MC. As Peter prepares for the Bar One sneak peak, Cynthia's sister Mel continues to have her doubts. By the way, Peter says he doesn't need or what her money to bail him out again. How long do you think that's gonna last? His new club looks pretty nice, but the location is a little iffy. What do you think?

Sheree is having issues with her ex-husband Bob and it looks like it's gonna get worse before it get's any better. Do you think she should take him to court for back child support? Feel free to post your comments on this one. It's a tough situation, you can really tell she doesn't want to go there. However, Phaedra is ready rip him a new one. So, I guess we'll see.

And who the hell is Marlo Hampton? I know one thing, is she sticks around she's gonna be a thorn in NeNe's side! Check this out!

Oh my! NeNe might have in a little trouble with this one, especially beings that she had a little rendezvous with Marlo's man.

Then there's the ladies from Love & Hip-Hop.

Hold on for the ride! It's gonna get bumpy. LOL!!! Wow, where do I start? Did Chrissy serve Kimbella up or what? Yeah man, that's what I call packing a punch!!!! Did Kimbella deserve it? Is Yandy a true friend or is she stirring up the mess by bringing Kimbella in the circle? Was Yandy outta line for giving Chrissy the book on being a better daughter-n-law knowing how sensitive that situation is? I don't think that was cool. Check this out and see how Chrissy tries to explain why she got upset.

Further more was Jim's mom outta line for the diss song on Chrissy? Comments please!!!!!!!! Me personally, I'm glad the Jim finally checked his mom. There's gotta be some respect on both sides really. It was good to see him let his mom how much it hurts him though, maybe she'll pull back a little and let her son be happy. He's in between a rock and a hard place though. Two woman he loves dearly.

Is Emily doing the right thing by moving on with her life? I say yes and it's about time. What do you think? Will Olivia ever get her shot? Is she talented enough? Speaking of which, should Somaya give it up or does she really have what it takes? This season is on fire that's for sure!

Here's some bonus clips. Enjoy!

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