I remember when I was a teenager and used to love to frequent the parties and events like all of my peers back in high school. I can remember some of those nights vividly. I can also remember rival gangs coming to the events and disrupting the celebration without cause.

Which is why what happened over the weekend is truly sad and uncalled for. We are currently in the middle of a global pandemic that is affecting Louisiana, just as well as other cities within the vicinity. Our kids' graduations are being done differently as opposed to the traditional way and there really isn't much time to socialize with friends and family like before.

When I started moving around yesterday, all I saw on social media was news about a shooting at a party over the weekend. Now, keep in mind there really aren't supposed to be any gatherings of more then ten people. However, I saw that it was a graduation party for the Washington Marion Seniors. As I read more, I saw that a shooting had taken place where several had been shot and some kids were trampled from trying to leave during the melee.

I am a person with a son, and I remember when he would also go to events. I remember one time taking him to my hometown and letting him spend time with his cousin who wanted to go to a teen party. I think I was more worried than his mom. I knew my home and, unfortunately, Mississippi is no different than Louisiana when it comes to curious kids who want to push the buttons of some of their peers.

My question to this is, what can we do? We can look at the music that the kids are listening to. However, I was a fan favorite of Ice T, N.W.A, and many more that many would say helped propel the culture of violence in the Black Community. I was also a fan of horror movies, but I was never convinced to act out the roles of Jason or Freddy Kruger. We can point the fingers at the parents. However, I am a parent too, and I know that I am not the only one who spent and still spends time with my son and talked him through several teenage situations. We would push for him to talk with us and try our best to not allow him to shut down.

So what can we do? I don't have the answers, but I know our children truly are the future. They will be our future politicians, policemen, doctors, nurses, and more.How can we talk with our children and make then understand that their lives have value? I am open to any way that we can help here. Do we need more recreational activities? Counseling? Church? I know one thing we need is more togetherness and less judging.

In this city , we are one and coming together for a common cause which is our children should be the goal. I just want it to be known that I am here to help by any means. I would love to assist with Silencing the Violence. This next video came out when I was in school and, sadly, the message is still relevant today.

Now a little positivity for the class of 2020. I saw this video over the weekend and was definitely feeling the vibe.

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