As the COVID-19 vaccine becomes readily available throughout the U.S., more and more Americans will be able to get vaccinated. People are anxious to vacation and travel after being grounded for nearly a year. However, not everybody is sold on the safety of the vaccine. In fact, some people will not get it, even if they have access to do so. People who decide not to get vaccinated may find it difficult to travel in the coming months.

Right now, no country is requiring proof of vaccination for travel purposes. However, it's only a matter of time. Travel restrictions "are very possible" according to Sharona Hoffman, co-director of the Law-Medicine Center at Case Western Reserve University School of Law. Hoffman told CNBC countries that profit from tourism aren't going to be willing to risk travelers bringing the deadly virus to their shores.

This is going to be a tricky statute to impose in the beginning, as the fight will be violating people's rights. Lawsuits and charges of discrimination will most certainly brought by some travelers banned because they are not vaccinated. At the end of the day, keeping people safe is going to win every time. The good news is travel mandates are at least a year away. The bad news is eventually many airlines, most cruise ships, and resorts will likely require proof of vaccination.

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