Howell Furniture and Ashley Furniture Stores are helping Southeast Texas get back on track by donating $50,000 in donations to locally owned restaurants to feed front-line and essential workers.

Twelve locally owned restaurants in Southeast Texas will be receiving up to $5,000 each to assist with feeding a front-line or essential worker group of their choosing. The owners released the following statement pertaining to the upcoming good deed.

We just want to help the community in some way. We are locally owned and know first-hand how this unforeseen pandemic is continuing to cause challenges we could not have imagined. It seems that the restaurants are one of the hardest hit industries, so we are focusing on locally owned restaurants, who can in turn feed some of the people who have helped our community through this time, and celebrate their courage and commitment to Southeast Texas. We love the communities we serve and want to see everybody up and running as soon as possible.

Restaurants who will be feeding organizations in the upcoming weeks and some recipients are: Rockin' A Café will provide lunch to the Beaumont Police Dept. Also, Lucy's Café will provide family meals to City of Pinehurst, Pinehurst Water and Street Department, and Pinehurst Police Department employees.

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