June 1, 2024, marked the first day of Hurricane Season. Are you ready? Better yet, do you have a generator to power your home in case of a power outage?  If not, now is an excellent time to shop for one. Do your homework first and decide how much power you'll need. Voltage, fuel type, noise level, size, performance, and warranty are other vital factors.

If you have a generator, especially a portable one, when was the last time you started it up? If the answer is last year or longer, chances are it won't start. You may want to pull it out of storage and service it. Hopefully, you won't need it. But if you do, the last thing you want to do is find out it doesn't work at the height of a weather emergency. So, whether you have a home standby unit or a portable generator, they must be serviced.

Cynthia Bright
Cynthia Bright

With increasing hurricane activity, power outages and energy uncertainties are going to come with the territory. More and more people depend on the backup power source generators provided for residential and commercial use. With extreme temperatures accompanying Hurricane Season, they are essential to run air conditioners, appliances, and operating systems during outages. Here are five of the main reasons you want to service your generator:

1. Regular maintenance identifies and addresses minor issues before they become significant problems.

2. Can help save you money, especially on a standby. Repairs can be costly.

3. Keep it working longer and efficiently

4. fresh fuel, filters, and supplies may be hard to come by during an emergency

5. Make sure it works during an emergency.

Save your money and do it yourself.

Below are DIY videos on how to service your generator. Also, below are a few videos to help you troubleshoot common issues with standby and portable generators that either won't start or run for a few minutes and cut off.

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