One Lane Road Ahead

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Starting Monday, if you’re using the stretch of Interstate between the big Calcasieu River bridge and PPG Drive along I-10, things are going to start getting slower.  For the next six months, the state DOTD will be rebuilding that nasty stretch of highway. 

While the DOTD reports that most of the work will be done overnight, lane closures are still going to be an issue.  Up to two inches will be ripped off the surface of the highway and be rebuilt — which is fantastic, because it’s in bad shape.  But it means slow traffic in an already notorious spot for traffic jams.  In other words, the Lord will be testing the patience of Westlake and Sulphur residents who commute into town to work or shop.

By January, things should be wrapping up, and when it does, we’ll have some shiny new Interstate to drive on.  Until then, plan to leave early or be late to a lot of things, and do your very best to remember that the other cars on the road have people in them.  In other words, karma’s a real son of a gun, so don’t be a jackass on a one-lane Interstate, okay?  Thanks.

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