Yesterday was the finale of the world famous Lake Charles Mardi Gras Chicken Run. It has been going on for the 36 years and it has been a fan favorite from people from all over to attend. This is the weekend where finding a hotel is almost impossible and restaurants are overflowing with customers wanting to try out some of the local cuisines.

I had the chance to experience the parade this year and while it was pretty long. I had a great time hanging out with the Backyard Productions crew who held down the sound while we riding in the float. Now the Chicken Run is one of the most talked about events every year, and while it's popular there are a lot of folks who are unaware of what the event is about.

So what I decided to do this year was getting with some of the originators of the Lake Charles Mardi Gras Chicken Run Lawrence Ardoin and Chris Ardoin to talk about the origins of the event. I also wanted to let them explain what the Chicken Run was along with some footage of the actual event this year. Check out the video below of the interview and big shouts out to Patrick Frey for shooting the footage for me.

Lake Charles Mardi Gras Chicken Run 2017:


Alright I hope you have an understanding now of what the Lake Charles Mardi Gras Chicken run is all about. Also big shouts out to Chris and the Ardoin family for allowing us to be apart of this big event. Also big shouts out to all of the visitors and family who returned who for the big event. You need to start making plans to attend next year for the 37th annual Lake Charles Mardi Gras Chicken Run here in Lake Charles.



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