I have been in Lake Charles since 2001, and I remember being invited to something called a Chicken Run. Obviously, I had never heard of such a thing and didn't really know what to expect. You can imagine what was going through my mind. I didn't know if I needed to bring a to-go plate or comfortable running shoes.

When I got there, all I saw was plenty of people who looked like me at the Habibi Temple and there was music in the background that I had never heard before. I remember talking with Sean and he told me this was a part of the culture in Lake Charles. As a matter of fact, he was a descendant of some of the originators of the music called Zydeco. It ran in his family, and he was also a performer along with his brother, Chris. During the same event, I was introduced to gumbo and man =, I fell in love.

Needless to say, over 15 years later Zydeco music is bigger then ever with artists like Sean Ardoin and Chris Ardoin, J Paul Jr, Lil Nate, and of course, Keith Frank. I have yet to learn how to properly dance to Zydeco, but when you hear it, you know you are in for a great time with great food, as well. There's something about seeing a group of people having a great time and it includes the younger generation and the older generation.

Whenever I have family or friends visit me, I let them know about Zydeco music and have often given them music so they can enjoy it when they get back home. I have much respect for Zydeco artists and the culture that is still just as strong now. Another amazing fact is when these bands hit the stage, they can rock for well over two hours or more.

Check out some of my favorite Zydeco songs from a few of these artists.

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